Camper Bundle Teltonika RUT 240 V2 with Poynting Mimo-3-V2-12 antenna

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Camper Bundle Teltonika RUT 240 V2 with Poynting Mimo-3-V2-12 antennaCamper Bundle Teltonika RUT 240 V2 with Poynting Mimo-3-V2-12 antennaTeltonika rut240-frontview-mifi-hotspot-01Teltonika rut240-frontview-mifi-hotspot-02Teltonika rut240-frontview-mifi-hotspot-03Teltonika rut240-frontview-mifi-hotspot-04Teltonika rut240-size-perspective-mifi-hotspot-02Teltonika rut240-size-perspective-mifi-hotspotTeltonika rut240-package-mifi-hotspot-01Camper Bundle Teltonika RUT 240 V2 with Poynting Mimo-3-V2-12 antennaTeltonika-4-pin-power-cable-mifi-hotspot
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Camper internet bundle including:

  • Teltonika RUT 240 4G LTE vehicle router 150 MBps
  • Poynting MiMo-3-V2-12 Vehicle antenna 2 in 1
  • 4-Pin Cable 



TELTONIKA RUT240 is a highly reliable cpmpact, cost-effective and secure 4G/ LTE router for professional applications. The RUT240 delivers high performance, mission-critical cellular. The external antenna connectors allow the use of an external, high-performance 4G/ LTE antenna.

The RUT240 allows you to set up a constant 4G/ LTE /UMTS internet connection with transfer rates of up to 150 Mbps downlink and 50 Mbps uplink in 4G/ LTE mode. With the RUT240 you can set up a wireless / wired network to share with several terminals 4G or UMTS connections to utilize.  TELTONIKA RUT240 4G/ LTE router has an external SIM card slot.

Built-in WiFi access point allows to create your own wireless network or hotspot. This WiFI Access Point offers transfer rates of up to 150Mbps (Wireless IEEE 802.11 b/g/n standard) with latest encryption and security standards such as WPA / WPA-2. The connection of wired Devices and integration into an existing wired network is easily done with the integrated LAN/ WAN-port 10/100Mbps.

If there is no 4G/ LTE signal available, you can use the RUT240 as a DSL router or WiFi client. The built-in fallback function will keep you to stay online.
In addition, the RUT240 has an external 4G/ LTE antenna connector . So you can connect your external antenna to the 4G/ LTE and strengthen the available UMTS or 4G/ LTE signal in areas where the GSM signal is poor. A user-friendly web interface allows you to configure the router.

A rugged aluminum housing and solid engineering ensures consistent performance, reliability and durability in harsh and demanding environments.

Read more about the Teltonika RUT240 V2.

Teltonika Wiki:

For support and the latest firmware updates we refer to theTeltonika WiKi Knowledegbase.

Poynting MiMo-3-V2-12


The Poynting A-MIMO-3-V2-12 incorporates 2 antennas in a single antenna housing, providing 2x Cellular for 2G/3G/4G/5G and cover the 690 MHz to 3500 MHz band, as well as the 410-470 MHz band, which is becoming popular in the IOT industry. These ultra wide band capabilities makes this antenna future proof and ready for 5G.

This antenna exceeds the performance of most competitors due to an excellent design of this high performance antenna. The radiation patterns of all radiating elements provide an excellent balance between omnidirectionality, pattern diversity and good
radiation abilities at the desired elevation, which is important for this type of antenna.

Mounting possibilities:

The Poynting Mimo-3-V2-12 provides easy installation with multiple mounting possibilities. The standard spigot mount is available with a 40 and 80 mm spigot.The adhesive mount is also standard with a rear cable exit. A magnetic base kit is optional.

In the Box:

  • Teltonika RUT240 4G LTE router
  • Poynting MiMo-3-V2-12 vehicle antenna 2 in 1
  • 4-pin charging cable