What is Celerway OS?

Celerway remote operating systems Nimbus & Phantom

The Celerway Operating System is user-friendly and consists of a powerful Open Source software application which allows management and control (remotely) of Internet traffic. The software continuously monitors data traffic using dozens of operational parameters. As a result, data traffic is routed intelligently and simultaneously across the available SD WANs.

By default, every Celerway router comes with a three-year license of Celerway Nimbus and Phantom and a three-year warranty on hardware.



Celerway Nimbus allows (remote) administrators to remotely install and manage a wide range of routers equipped with CelerwayOS. Thus, Celerway Nimbus allows its users to quickly configure large-scale deployments and make them available online, which, for example, speeds up an onboarding process of remote administrators. With its comprehensive set of quality indicators, analytics and alerts, remote administrators easily perform real-time monitoring, reducing time spent managing devices.



Celerway Phantom is a distinctive feature, allowing you to seamlessly and dynamically switch between VPNs, networks and WANs. This allows you to set up a highly flexible, secure and reliable network connection without losing data. Each hardware router and virtual device can function as a hub, branch or both, while each branch can connect to multiple Phantom hub instances. In this, Celerway Phantom automatically selects the most optimal hub instance. In addition, Celerway Phantom can be used on-premises or in the cloud resulting in uninterrupted high-speed VPN and site-to-site communication across multiple simultaneous networks of any type.



The innovative company Celerway specializes in the design and manufacture of industrial mobile multi-WAN routers. Celerway offers an extensive portfolio of robust mobile routers and software solutions providing its customers with fast, secure and reliable internet regardless of their location.

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